10 days away, 13 outfits and 1 backpack - Here's how I did it

Making furry friends at  World of Birds Wildlife Rehabilitation
No bags, no problems!

No bags, no problems!

10 days away, 7 days on the ground and the challenge to not repeat an outfit in one of the most instagrammable places in the world, Cape Town!

I knew this would be the trip of a lifetime and I wanted to be sure I’d had functional but adorable outfits for winery hopping, kicking it with the penguins on the beach, having a sundowner and sightseeing around town. Lucky for me, it’s summer time in Cape Town and the temperatures were in the 70s.

What did I pack?
Both flights were overnight flights and let’s be honest, I’m not making any street style blogs in my travel outfits. I flew there in yoga pants and a tee shirt and back in leggings and a tee shirt. But I had to pack cute clothes for the actual time on the ground: 5 dresses, two 2-piece sets, one pair of denim shorts, one pair of skinny crop jeans, one pair of olive joggers, and 3 tops to mix and match. I had a black throw/shawl ready to be thrown on that got left in the chaos of making it to the airport before 5pm Charlotte rush hour traffic. (Major regret.) Luckily, I grabbed my Victoria Secret zip up jacket on the way out the door that kept me warm on the plane.

How did I fit all of that into an L.L. Bean backpack?
My trusty backpack has four compartments. I put my passport and phone charging cords in the very front slim pocket. In the next pocket, I put my liquids (in the one quart bag, which Heathrow security is real serious about) and my reduced make up bag.

But the real secret was Amazon Basics Packing Cubes in the two main compartments. I used the large, medium and long skinny small one. Corby used the small rectangle to pack his socks and stuff.

Roll, roll, roll your stuff!
I HATE wrinkles. In college I had a full size steamer in my dorm room. I have a travel sized one that didn’t make this trip and I managed to make it alright. Before packing, I steamed those deep wrinkles out of each item, then did my very best to lay flat, fold and roll. For basic organization I also rolled the crop top within the pants for my cute sets.

Shoes. Let’s take some shoes!
I ended up taking 2 pairs of sandals, one pair of TOMS and my Nike tennis shoes. I wore the tennis shoes on the plane rides to and from and packed the rest. I don’t pack my shoes in the packing cubes - instead, I tucked them on top of the cubes, soles facing the inside of the backpack not the cubes.

But what about souvenirs for all of your friends and family, Emily??
I was gifted a collapsible duffle bag, which I just tucked into the little bit of free space left in my backpack. On the way back, I just popped the bag out, and filled it with various souvenirs. I had plenty of room in my “personal item” for all of the things I bought. I collect postcards and we started a postcard collection for my mom’s friends’ kids. I can’t stand a shiny new postcard that’s all bent up in transit, so I tucked those into my plane reads for safe keeping. 

Cape of Good Hope, where the Indian ocean meets the atlantic

Cape of Good Hope, where the Indian ocean meets the atlantic

All in all, it was the trip of a lifetime! More posts to come about what we did, where we ate and things we didn't get to do! 

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Emily