Spread the Love!

Love is in the air and your local non-profits could use some of it! Did you know many charities are in dire need of your support well into the new year?

Donate blood or platelets at your local blood bank

Blood donation.jpg

While I've been donating blood for years, I'm new to the idea of platelet donation and hope to do that soon!

One unit of platelets is enough for transfusion so you could help up to 3 patients with just one donation!

The platelet donation process is a little different than a whole blood donation, it is a two arm, two needle donation. Blood is drawn from one arm, your platelets are removed and the remaining blood components are given back to you in your other arm. You can do a single arm donation as long as your veins in that one arm are strong enough for the draw and return. This donation process does give you a little more mobility while donating. Platelet donation takes about 2- 2 1/2 hours, and you cannot take aspirin for 48 hours before donating. 

Because platelets aid in clotting and stop bleeding, they are an important part of many treatments that save the lives of our local hospital patients. 

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Prepare a meal for a family in need
Hospitality House is a great option for all of my Charlotte friends! Patients and families are able to receive a break from eating out or snacking from vending machines when volunteers prepare meals. It’s a rewarding experience to come to HHOC, meet guests, and connect with those in need. You will truly leave knowing you made a difference.

My sister queens and I recently delivered a healthy breakfast to the Hospitality House and encourage you to do the same! Click here for more information on how to get involved. 


Volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters or Boys and Girls Club or another after-school program

There are a ton of kids out there who would love to hear from you. I'm a Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Carolinas and it's been quite an experience. Pick something you’re passionate about and share that passion with some kids in your community. Love sports? Donate some gear. Have a passion for higher education? Reach out to your Alma Mater for some “swag” and talk to kids about college, where you went and what you do now with that degree. Be that inspiration for kids who might not know any adults with a college degree. 

Got time, patience and no money?

I feel ya. Reach out to an assisted living facility near you. Set up a night (or several) where you go talk with the residents, deliver sweet “thinking of you” notes, or perform your talent during their after-dinner time. My grandmother is in an assisted living facility in Spartanburg and they love visitors for any and every occasion. I promise your presence will be a blessing.

How do you stay involved with your community? Comment on Facebook and let me know!