#FeelGoodFriday - 24 Hours of Booty

From their website: 24 Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity located in Charlotte, North Carolina with a mission to inspire and engage communities to make an immediate impact on the lives of people affected by cancer.

24 Foundation, formerly known as 24 Hours of Booty, has evolved from one man to a national foundation aiding in the revolution of cancer navigation and survivorship. Over 16 years ago, the 24 Foundation came to fruition with one man on a bike pedaling for 24 hours with a goal to change the conversation about cancer. This motivation evolved into the foundation’s first fundraising event, 24 Hours of Booty, held on the famed Booty Loop in the Myers Park neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina. 24 Hours of Booty signature events expanded to Maryland, Indiana and Georgia, transforming into what today is known as 24 Foundation, an engine for advancements in cancer survivorship and navigation services. 

Friday evening, I was able to spend a few hours in "Bootyville" with my coworkers! We were able to meet lots of different people, hear their stories and why they were riding. I was happy to contribute by passing out waters and delicious snacks like sticky buns, mixed berry muffins and truffles from the Charlotte City Club! 

All in all, the 24 Foundation raised over 1.7 MILLION dollars in Charlotte. If you're interested in learning more or contributing, visit 24Foundation.org.