Decor: Every Last Detail

Decor: Every Last Detail

When we were planning our wedding, we knew we wanted a simple but elegant look. Since we had our ceremony in the middle of the vineyard, we needed a simple but elegant arbor. For dinner, we were envisioning a paired wine dinner with simple but beautiful decor on a long dining table for our 47 guests but didn’t want linens or floral centerpieces because of my allergies. We wanted all of the custom signage but we had nowhere and no desire to store it after our wedding. What do we do? Do we compromise our vision and budget and buy garlands from Hobby Lobby? Do we sell our souls to Etsy to get all of the signs we wanted at $40 a pop?

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Photographer: Rebecca Stone Photography

The Vineyard at Betty’s Creek | April 2017 Styled Shoot

The Vineyard at Betty’s Creek | April 2017 Styled Shoot

We met our photographer, Rebecca Stone, at a styled photoshoot at another vineyard in April 2017. We all clicked right away and what could have been a long shoot day flew by! She's so much fun and truly captures our style.

When we were selecting our wedding vendors, we just knew Rebecca had to be part of the team. PLUS - she does a sneak peek gallery the next day, which we’re sharing some with you here! Rebecca is such a great time and our images are so vibrant and convey all of the love and dreaminess we felt on our wedding day. We highly highly recommend her.

Already married? Let her take your Christmas card photos. They’ll blow you away.

The Love Story


How We Met:

We both attended the University of South Carolina, but it wasn’t until after graduation that our paths truly crossed. I was serving as the Member Relations Coordinator at the Capital City Club, in Columbia S.C., and Corby just happened to work in the building at the South Carolina Retirement Commission.

On January 12, 2016, I hosted Wine 101. On January 12, Corby just so happened to decide he loved wine. A few weeks and a lot of asks later, I finally said yes to a date. On March 22, 2016 he said, "I love you" and I told him, "I'm going to marry you one day."

The Proposal:

How does forever sound?

How does forever sound?

Fast forward a few years to a shared an apartment in Charlotte, NC, a sassy rescue kitty named Clarke, and a mutual love for brunch. Corby hatched a plan to propose the day after the City Club Winter Gala, an annual event that I was responsible for planning, knowing I'd be totally exhausted and wouldn't suspect a thing.

We arrive to a new brunch spot, Vivace, and order. Not two minutes after my French toast hits the table, Corby asks for the check! I only got to eat half of my food before leaving. We pull out of the garage and Siri, bless her heart, loudly proclaims "GETTING DIRECTIONS TO FREEDOM PARK."

As we arrive at Freedom Park, I know something is up - abandoning brunch to walk around parks in 40 degree weather is NOT our typical Sunday routine. I'm so nervous and can't stop talking as we cross the beautiful stone bridge.

Corby stops, looks at me and says, "I'm going to need you to stop talking... So this is where it's going to happen..." and gets down on one knee. It was the most wonderful tear-filled moment and only got better when my sisters, Caroline and Olivia, popped out with cameras. After drying our happy tears, Corby whisked me away to one of our favorite spots, Blue Blaze Brewing, where our families were waiting. It was such a perfect day!

The Wedding:

Since we started dating, we’ve created a tradition of gifting experiences to one another instead of physical gifts. For my 24th birthday, we did a weekend getaway to the Yadkin Wine Valley. We were able to visit both Shelton Vineyards and Round Peak Vineyards and we were so excited to share these two special places with our wedding guests.

It was really important to us to have a super intimate wedding, with our nearest and dearest. We had 47 guests in attendance and it was just the most perfect day we could have asked for.

I’m sharing the details of our big day here on the blog over the next few weeks! I hope you enjoy & as always, happy to answer any questions about our vendors!